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Lancia Fulvia 1,3 S Monte Carlo Edition 1972

Montecarlo setting up

Commemorative version of the 1972 Montecarlo Rallye victory, with 1,3s engine, has 3 spokes steering wheel, Fanalino Lusso seats, flared wheelarches body, similar but slightly different to 1600HF, bumpers are missing as quarter light and courtesy light on doors do. External rear mirror on driver's side wing. Bonnet and booth lids are painted in dull black and available colors are Rosso Corsa, Azzurro Francia, Giallo Olanda e Verde Gran Bretagna. (Red, Light Blue, Yellow, Green). A couple of rectangular fog lights are mounted instead of front bumper. May be that it was hypotized a special championship for the car never realized. It is available with a shorter final ratio, that is the geabox of 818.612 saloon.

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